Welcome to Calvary!


Dear Friends,
Calvary Baptist wants to be a blessing to you and your family. We believe in any city or town that the church can be an institute of help and joy. As we strive for that mark there are certain areas on which we focus.  
The first is a Bible centered ministry. We strive to “II Timothy 2:15… rightly divide the Word of Truth”. We believe that there are promises and principles by which God directs our lives for the joy of his glory. Life can be difficult and we believe that Scripture can bring encouragement, peace and rest as we live through those difficulties. We also desire to have ministries that can reach every member of your family. As each member is experiencing a different phase of life we want to have qualified teachers and counselors to help assist. Schedules can become hectic and we would like to provide a respite for all to pause and take a moment, to find answers, allowing us to draw closer to Christ.
Lastly, Calvary Baptist is definitely an outreach oriented church. Every activity is an event that you will be able to bring a friend or family knowing that there will be a warm welcome awaiting them. We do go “…go into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in…” Luke 14:23. It is our goal to make Calvary a place where people can call us their family or their home. We want to show others what Christ has done in our lives.   
May God’s blessing be upon you!  
In Christ, Pastor Randall Glenn